Untangling Brain-Wide Dynamics in Consciousness by Cross-Embedding (2015)

  • Paper Satohiro Tajima, Toru Yanagawa, Naotaka Fujii, Taro Toyoizumi. Untangling Brain-Wide Dynamics in Consciousness by Cross-Embedding, PLOS Computational Biology, 11, 1-28 (2015)

  • Abstract

Advances in recording technologies have enabled the acquisition of neuronal dynamics data at unprecedented scale and resolution, but the increase in data complexity challenges reductionist model-based approaches. Motivated by generic theorems of dynamical systems, we characterize model-free, nonlinear embedding relationships for wide-field electrophysiological data from behaving monkeys. This approach reveals a universality of inter-areal interactions and complexity in conscious brain dynamics, demonstrating its wide application to deciphering complex neuronal systems.

Written on October 2, 2017